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All In One

Emergency Director offers an all in one service from Employee and Fleet Management to Computer Aided Dispatching

Responsive Design

Seperate from the modules, Emergency Director can create a simple to complex web design for your agency.

Web Security

Emergency Director uses top of the line security practices to protect your account and information.


Emergency Director is a fully modular system, select what you need.

(Personnel Module is required for use of any other modules)

Keep track of personnel data, such as demographics and certifcations. Mass notification via e-mail or text.

Station Management

Manage your stations by assigning fleet and equipment. Add Monitoring, by check offs, and track repair requests.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet by monitoring storing vehicle information, creating check offs, and tracking repairs.

Equipment Management

Track equipment by entering its information and assigning it to personnel or vehicles. Create checks offs, track damage / repairs.

Inventory Management

Integrate with an exsisting Inventory Management System or use ours to help keep track of inventory. Set up alerts when below a par level as a reminder to order more or restock from elsewhere.

Map Management

Mark P.O.I.'s in your area specific to your company. Add overlay's showing coverage / response areas.


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